Everett Hafner 1920 - 1998

Our favorite riddles from Everett's, Sports Riddles:

  • Who won the Kentucky Derby in 1952?
  • A horse
  • You bet twenty-five cents on football and the game is called off. What do you get?
  • The quarterback.
  • Which of the witches is best at croquet?
  • The wicket witch.
  • What position does Saint Nick play?
  • Santa field.
  • What poet should you think about when you're up at bat?
  • Homer.
  • Why don't tennis players make good friends?
  • Because love means nothing to them.
  • What do champion golfers eat for breakfast?
  • Wheat tees.
  • How do you make a tightrope?
  • Dip the rope in whiskey.
  • What is the only street named after a prizefighter?
  • Muhammad Alley.
  • Why did the base runner go to jail?
  • He stole second.

And some of his favorites:

  • What has four legs and chases cats?
  • Mrs. Katz and her lawyer.