Everett Hafner 1920 - 1998

Everett Hafner, 78, of Williamsburg, MA— lived the life of 10 men, half his age. He made life interesting. He had an active academic life, but also supported the town of Williamsburg. He loved and always did love being athletic. He would never, under any circumstances, put another in harm’s way. In fact, he would go out of his way to help people. He was in a constant state of joy and laughter, and was fascinated by things that many of us found boring.

If you have a story about Everett please email me, Sarah Hafner. In the subject line write Everett. Thank you for loving my father.

John, my husband, created this web site, www.everetthafner.com. It not only conveys his interests, family photos, etc., but the love we all feel and felt and will go on feeling.

-- Sarah Hafner 10/06